Orwellian, Sisyphean, Kafkaesque

If there was no truth, then there would be no meaning, and our life was Sisyphean. And if life were Sisyphean, then what point in continuing with it? She reflected for a moment on the list of bleak adjectives. Orwellian, Sisyphean, Kafkaesque. Were there others? It was a great honour to a philosopher, or a writer, to become an adjective. She had seen ‘Hemingwayesque’, which might be applied to a life of fishing and bullfighting, but there was no adjective, so far, for the world of failure and run-down loci chosen by Graham Greene as the setting for his moral dramas. ‘Greene-like’? she wondered. Far too ugly. ‘Greeneish’, perhaps. Of course, ‘Greeneland’ existed.

Alexander McColl Smith, The Sunday Philosophy Club


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